Before you start

Use the internal microphone and earbuds
Check the microphone
Use external speakers
Separate speakers from the microphone

Play music

Select a section to play
Save your rehearsal
Adjust rehearsal settings

Create your own sections

Add and modify sections (Requires upgrade)

Get more music

Buy from the store
Restore your purchases

Review your work

Improve accompaniment accuracy
Export a recording of your rehearsal
Train Cadenza to be more accurate (Requires upgrade)
Refine solo note markers (Requires upgrade)
Reset Cadenza’s training


I don’t hear any sound
I can’t hear myself in the headphones
Cadenza doesn’t seem to listen to me
The accompaniment is too quiet
The music sounds harsh or distorted
I can’t add new music
Cadenza makes stuttering sounds when playing
Cadenza keeps coming in early or late


Upgrade for more features

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Tutorial videos
Online help
Support email