Play your instrument with a full orchestra accompanying you.

What is it like to be at the center of an amazing musical experience?

Cadenza accompanies you with a full orchestra (or piano, or quartet) that follows your playing in real time.

Cadenza is the perfect way to enrich your understanding of music, because you learn and grow by doing. You get to hear the rich context of all the music. You get to actually feel what it‘s like for your part to weave in and out of other parts, to be the main idea one moment and the supporting accompaniment the next. And you get to explore how this greater awareness opens up your own personal expressive opportunities. You can try playing passages the way you think would be best, and immediately hear and feel how that works. You’re no longer limited to slavishly sticking to a tempo or beat. You can drastically expand your expressive palette with the incredible immersion in the complete, rich sound Cadenza gives you.

Download Cadenza for iPad, pick up your instrument—and play your heart out!

You decide whether to draw out that rubato a little longer, or to go for the exhilarating finish. Explore your musical ideas and Cadenza stays right with you, just like a real orchestra, freeing you to become the best musician you can.